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CDW insurance

Collision Damage Waiver is the most important insurance out of all rental components. It covers the renter in case of damage caused to the rental car during the rental period. In most countries and suppliers there is a minimum excess amount that cannot be eliminated. This amount changes between renting countries and car groups, and it is stated on the rental voucher. Excess applies in any case of damage to the rental car, regardless of fault.


It is emphasized that all of the insurance policies specified in the car voucher do not cover in any case damage to: lower chassis (in accordance with the definition of the car supplier), clutch, upholstery, window panes (with the exception of the deductible refund insurance) and damages as a result of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, negligent driving (in accordance with the definition of the car provider), driving on unpaved roads, force majeure incidents, leaving the car keys unattended, car cleaning fees if the car is returned unreasonably dirty as specified above.

These policies also do not cover damage to the tires or flat tire repairs and any indirect and incidental expense related thereto. Please note that according to the European regulation, having a spare tire in the car is not mandatory, but rather a temporary repair kit until the replacement of the tire.

A prerequisite for the insurance coverage is that for any damage caused to the car during the rental period, the renter shall immediately notify both the local police and the car supplier, shall keep documents attesting thereto and shall act according to their instructions.

The car rental deal do not include medical insurance and / or bodily injury or property insurance, for the driver, any additional driver and / or passengers in the renal car, including as a result of road accidents that may be caused using the leased vehicle. You should, therefore, purchace such insurance coverage, independently and in accordance with the appropriate insurance coverage conditions.