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Italy is one of the world's major tourist attractions. Car rental in Italy is the easiest and cheapest way to enjoy the cultural and historical abundance the country has to offer: from the Coliseum in Rome, through Pompeii's ruins, Florence museums, Venice canals and fashionable Milan. Italy is a close destination with comfortable weather through most of the year, which turns it into the ideal choice for almost any vacation you can dream of.

Car rental in Italy is easy and suitable for every trip. Ofran works with several car rental agencies in Italy (like "Europcar" and "National") that have dozens of offices in airports, large cities and small towns around the country. This strong presence helps our clients to prepare for their visit or vacation in advance and make the arrangements best suited for them. Our clients enjoy a wide selection of cars (both manual and automatic transmission), minivans and minibuses; and roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day and will be happy to help you with any problem. Whether you are interested in scenic drives in pastoral Tuscany, relaxing around the northern lakes or enjoying the power of the Dolomites, and whether you are traveling by yourself, as a couple or with children - car rental in Italy is the classic solution.

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car rental in Italy

driving in Italy

Italian transport infrastructure is regarded as one of the worlds' finest and driving laws are very strictly enforced by the police as well as speed traps. Fastening your seat belts is mandatory in the front and back seats of the car at any age.

Driving in some of Italy's motorways is subjected to a toll. As you approach the toll booths, take the lane which is marked "Biglietto" ("ticket") or the one without a sign. Make sure to save your ticket until you leave the freeway. Note that tolls are collected in some tunnels around Italy as well (for example, the Mont Blanc)

Fuel: Unleaded petrol (95 and 98 octane), diesel (Gasolio) and LPG are available in Italy. Using your car lights is mandatory when driving out of town, passing a tunnel or driving in bad weather. If you plan to ski, it is highly recommended that you order a car with winter tires and/or snow chains in advance. Both are important for your personal driving safety as well as for the car's grip on the road during bad weather. Note that in Valle d'Aosta winter tires are mandatory between October 15 and April 15. Also, during winter time it is mandatory to have winter tires when entering Switzerland, Austria and sometimes Germany.
Car entrance to historical sites in many cities is forbidden with cars, especially in Rome and Florence. Make sure not to breach the traffic sign marked ZTL (Zona Traffico Limitato). Entering such areas normally results in a fine by post and handling fees by the car rental agency.

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