Car rental in California

California is the most populated state in the US (more than 37 million residents) and is the third biggest state, making it  20 times bigger than Israel. California kisses the Pacific Ocean and it’s home to Hollywood and the film industry, but for Americans it is first and foremost the automotive wonderland. 


Getting around California efficiently can only be done with cars –   public transportation is not California's strong suite, to put it mildly  Therefore, a private vehicle is essential for locals and a rental car is vital for tourists. It is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to travel, even from the airport to the city.


California is one of the most diverse states in the US. It spreads from the giant Redwood forests to the Mojave Desert, from Yosemite National Park and Death Valley in the east, to coastal San Francisco and Los Angeles in the west. It has wonderful cliffs, famous vineyards in Napa Valley, countless spa resort and of course: Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley.   


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Car rental in California

Driving a rental car in California

As mention before, distances in California are huge. It makes public transportation less relevant, and car rental more useful. Car rental is recommended whether you're planning a stay in Los Angeles area or travelling to the open nature.

Many of California touristic attractions are located far from residential areas. Don't forget to equip yourself with enough water and extra petrol. In any event, the car rental companies we work with, will be happy to help you 24 hours a day.

The car rental companies we work with also operate in all major airports in California, especially in Los Angeles and San Francisco area. The convenient locations and efficient costumers service offers clients the ability to plan their trip in California optimally.

Car group categories vary between small, compact, intermediate and luxury cars and also include minivans. All categories are automatic. Road service is available whether you're in a big city or in rural areas.

Please note that in Orange County, Riverside and the San Diego area some of the roads are toll roads. In addition, using the bridges in San Francisco Bay is by fee. In many motorways there is a "carpool line", which is meant for vehicles with two passengers or more only.

California has excellent motorways which turn driving into a great fun, though the distances can be somewhat exhausting. Interstate 5 crosses California from the Mexican border to Oregon and is ideal if you're driving to L.A. or S.F.Routes 10, 15 and 40 are desert roads to Phoenix and Las Vegas, and route 80 cross into Nevada north of the Al dorado national park. City of Fresno is the classic entrance to famous Yosemite.

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