car rental in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge metropolis where 18 million people live. It spans across roughly 120km, from Riverside in the east to Santa Monica in the west. Unlike New York or other large cities in the US, Los Angeles and its suburbs stretch across an enormous area. Most of it consists of private houses and cottages. Tall buildings and apartment housing is relatively rear. In a city like L.A., where distances between areas are long, there is no other solution than to rent a car.

Los Angeles represents the glamorous and extrovert aspect of American society. It is famous thanks to the Hollywood film industry, Beverley Hills' mansions, Disneyland and the golden beaches of Malibu, Orange County and Venice. The "City of Angels" is also a major media, business and culture center and is a home court to one of the most famous basketball teams in history - the Los Angeles Lakers.

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car rental in Los Angeles

Driving a rental car in Los Angeles

A rented car is essential to every tourist who intends to visit L.A. The city is so big that there is clearly no other efficient solution to get around. LAX International Airport is 26km southwest of down town and there are several other airports that operate in the metropolis area (Long Beach, Burbank, Ontario and Anahaim for example) that would be better for you in case you arrive on a domestic flight.

Public transportation is not L.A's strongest side, not even from the airports. Car rental is the ideal and easy way to get around and move from attraction to attraction. The metropolis has a huge motorway grid which offers alternatives for getting around even at rush hour. In any case, it is recommended to equip yourself with a GPS system or a detailed map, because driving in a sine-lane highways might be very confusing.

Ofran operates at the airport, as well as the strip, via several major car rental companies. The convenient locations and efficient costumers service offers Ofran's clients the ability to plan their trip in Los Angeles and California optimally.

Car group categories vary between small, compact, intermediate and luxury cars and also include minivans. All categories are automatic. Road service is available 24 hours a day, whether you're in a big city or in rural areas.

Please note that it's recommended to plan ahead for driving in L.A. If you plan to drive alone, make sure not to enter "carpool only" lanes. These lanes serve vehicles with two passengers or more only.

Los Angeles is also a great gateway for a trip in California, Nevada or the West Coast. If you plan to continue to San Francisco, you'll find Interstate 5 is the easiest way to get there. Route 101, alternatively, offers a beautiful drive along the Pacific Ocean's cliffs. San Diego is about a two-hour drive south along Interstate 5.

In addition, Interstate 15 leads from the Ontario area to Las Vegas. This drive passes through the Mojave Desert; therefore it is important that you take some supplies and petrol with you. Distances between service stations might be long. Those planning to drive to Flagstaff, Arizona, should consider Route 40 and Phoenix is connected via Interstate 10 close to Riverside.

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