Car Rental in Austria

Austria is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is rich with culture, history and majestic landscapes. Vienna, its capital, is known for its high quality of life and as an influential center of classical architecture, art, music, and opera since the 18th century.

Traveling in Austria with a car is the best way to explore its topographic richness from its mountainous terrains to endless green fields decorated by streaming rivers and isolated castles.

Ofran works with several car rental agencies in Austria such as Europcar, Budget and Enterprise, that have dozens of offices in airports, large cities and small towns around the country and in some ski resorts. 

Whether you are traveling by yourself, as a couple or with children - car rental in Austria is the best solution. Please note travel with some car groups (mostly luxury cars and automatic) to Eastern Europe is limited.

Advantages of booking a car rental in the Austria with Ofran:

◾ A wide selection of vehicles for rent in a variety of sizes. From mini-category cars suitable for a short trip with little equipment, to family vehicles, SUVs, station wagons, minivans, and luxury cars.

A wide distribution of stations in Europe, at main airports, city centers, and at selected tourist sites.

◾Peace of mind and security that comes with the insurance coverage and the award-winning service of a leading companies in the industry - offering rental plans that include waiver of deductible and extended third-party insurance.

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