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We understand that sometimes those long drives in a rented car abroad can be somewhat challenging. After all, you have miles and miles to spend together in a vehicle (and let's admit it, even the most spacious minivan can feel like a compact car when you're inside it for 8 hours a day).

Nevertheless, we believe that the journey itself is a splendid opportunity to create shared memories and experience quality time that's often missing in our daily hustle. So, what can you do during the drive? Oh, we're glad you asked.

Not familiar with travel games? Here are a few suggestions:

🟨 Alphabet Game

Each passenger in turn must name something (or someone) in the car in alphabetical order. Whoever gets stuck is out of the game.

🟨 I Packed for a Picnic...

Each person in turn must complete the sentence "I packed for a picnic and I brought (name of an item)" along with remembering and adding to the list of items previously mentioned by others. This game can go on forever! Who said cross-country road trips in the USA couldn't be fun?

🟨 I Spy

Perhaps the most beloved and familiar of all car games. Each participant in turn identifies an object inside or outside the car and finds a way to describe it, for example, "I spy with my little eye something inside the car that is the color _____" or "I spy with my little eye something outside the car that starts with the letter __." If the passengers can't guess it, add a new description each time. This game allows for a lot of creativity, let your kids surprise you.

🟨 20 Questions

Each person in the car chooses a character in turn. It could be a fictional character, a famous person, or someone they know, alive or dead - basically any character. The rest of the passengers have 20 questions to guess the identity of the character. the champion of the game, is the one that can uncover the most characters, or choose the character that's hardest to guess? This game can keep you entertained endlessly!

🟨 Word in a Song

Each passenger picks a word and then you turn on the radio. Each time one of the words is mentioned in a song, the person who chose that word scores a point. It should be a relatively unique word that you don't hear all the time (words like: yes, no, love, you - won't be accepted).

🟨 The Silence Game

Need some quiet during the drive? Declare the start of "The Silence Game" and the first one to speak loses. Add a prize for the winner to ensure a particularly calm and quiet journey.

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant journey.

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