Tips for car rental in the USA

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Planning a family vacation to visit the hottest attractions?Or a cross-country roadtrip with friends? Maybe you travel for business?
The United States cannot be accommodated in one visit, but wherever you decide to visit in this huge country, car rental is the cheapest and most convenient solution.

Whether in Florida, California or New York, renting a car will make your journey to the U.S. more engaging, interesting and inspiring.
The United States is one of the most convenient places in the world to rent a vehicle. The process is easy, simple and cheap and the transition between states is fast and easy.

Here are some tips to make your U.S. car rental experience particularly comfortable and affordable:

🟨 Be sure to book a vehicle in advance

It is advisable already at the stage of the plane tickets and have an international credit card which you must present as a deposit to the rental company.

🟨 Book your car with a leading and reliable rental company

Ofran operates with the largest rental companies in the US - Alamo and National - which have won first place in consumer surveys for many years.
These companies have thousands of car rental stations with major locations in all major airports, parks, tourist sites and bustling city centers.
They also pledge to the youngest fleet in all of North America, most of the vehicles held for a maximum of six months, including the largest selection of SUVs and one-way rentals under preferred conditions.

🟨 Want to choose the model you want? It's your 'Choice'!

Another service that Alamo and National exclusively offer in the US is 'Choice' - a specific vehicle selection service from the range of the pre-booked category vehicles available at the location.
This allows you to choose a vehicle that best suits your travel needs and preferences, according to the rental company conditions.
Please note - this service is only available at rental stations at major airports. To view the list of stations where the service is offered Click here

🟨 In a hurry? Save time!

'Save time' service in the US and Canada allows you to shorten the queue time at ALAMO locations in the US and Canada.
You can check-in online by clicking here - all you need to do is fill in the details according to the instructions, print the certificate and show it at the rental station.

🟨 Planning on driving via a toll road? 

Don't forget to add a 'Toll Pass 'device when collecting the car!
A large number of toll roads are operated in the US.

'Toll Pass' is a device offered at Alamo and National's selected rental stations. The device is installed in the vehicle and assists in the discounted, fast and convenient payment of the tolls.
This way you can pay directly from your credit card, without wasting time on queuing or dealing with small change, without any fines or double payments.

🟨 You should check the traffic guidelines in the country

Each of the 50 states in the United States has its own traffic rules and regulations. Some are similar or overlapping and some are completely different.
We recommend that you ask your car rental official for traffic guidance, especially if you plan to move between countries. 
On the other hand the rental vehicles are larger than the selection offered in Europe, they all have automatic transmission and include a full insurance coverage including a third-party insurance up to $ 1 million USD.

🟨 Issue your international driver's license in advance and take it with you

International driving license is required in most countries. Even in countries that permit driving with a national license, the car supplier may, in his discretion, require that an international driver's license be presented.

We wish you a good and safe ride. Ofran.

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